Friendly Door Snake

A floor hugging smiley snake adapted from an original work by David Shrigley featured in his book Weak Messages Create Bad Situations. Featuring a rattle in the foot, this corduroy serpent is much more than a door snake, along with blocking drafts it can also be used or gifted as a toy. Or just be a buddy, you got a friend in the Friendly Door Snake.


-Corduroy  -Available in three colours: Pink, Blue and Orange -Rattle in foot of snake with artist signature embroidered -85cm long (215.9")


David Shrigley is a Glasgow-based artist whose drawing style evolved as a reaction to the seriousness of the art he was expected to produce at art school. He bases his work on intuition rather than long-winded theory. Shrigley is also a self-editor, ripping up whatever he thinks doesn't work into teeny-weeny pieces so that they can't be recycled. He holds onto the things that surprise him and make him laugh.

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