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The art zine is made by RISOGRAPH Printing

The appeal of Risograph printing, which has established itself as one of the art printing technologies in the world.

Nov 28th, 19

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Art Zine is Magazine that produced and published by individual artists. it is widely known in the art field becaouse of produced by professional skater and artist Mark Gonzales. And with the spread of digital printing, which can print small quantities, many artists are creating unique Zines. One of the printing techniques used by artists around the world in the production of ZINE is Risograph printing. Risograph printing is a printing method that uses a high-speed digital printing machine "Risograph" manufactured by the Riso Kagaku Corporation based on the principles of stencil printing, such as gully printing. The first thing that comes to mind in the art of stencil printing is Silkscreen printing. By using Andy Warhol, the pop art's flagship, it is widely recognized as a synonym for pop art, and it can express the unique texture of screen printing such as flat color expression and blurring, so many artists use them nowadays. Risograph printing is based on the same principle of stencil printing as Silkscreen printing, so one of the reasons for its popularity in the art field is that the texture is close to Silkscreen printing.

The material of Risograph print like a silkscreen print.

Risograph printing requires one screen for each color, similar to silk screen printing, and the process of making and printing is the same. Inks can be purchased in drum units and can be printed one or two colors at a time, depending on the printing machine. A printing screen is created (screen making) and wrapped around a printing drum inside (set up), and printing is performed through paper. The process is almost the same as silk screen, but the major difference is speed. Since everything is performed automatically, it can be printed in a few minutes if it is about 100 sheets.

You can express a lot using Risograph printing overlapping colors.

In Riso printing, since one or two colors are printed a time, the texture of the color changes in the order of the overlapping, resulting in a printing gap unique to screen printing. Because of the printing method in which a hole is made in the plate itself and the ink is rubbed from there, when viewed closely, the expression is like a dot rubbed with ink from the hole. A Risograph with a retro-style expression that makes use of this texture is popular, but by adjusting the spacing between the holes in the screen, it is possible a wide range of expressions to use gradations and so on. This expression Its a digital printing but it feels like an analog printing. This is one of the special things of Risograph printing.

Howlt's art ZINE produced by Risograph printing

At Howlt, Risograph printing of ZINE that combines various fictitious hot dogs in one book based on the concept that Howlt Coffee will serve a lot of hot dogs. Using black, yellow, aqua, pink, red and green, a total of six colors. We coraborated with London based design studio Before Breakfast to faithfully reproduce the colors of Howlt. They produces many stylish stationery to . From a classic hot dog to an super lagusualy hot dog like '' Louis Vuitton × Supreme '' bag, hot dog vehicle and islands made of hot dogs, This very unique art zine has 17 kinds of unrealistic fantasy hot dogs. it is also sold at Howlt and Howlt Coffee online stores, Howlt Coffee Fukuoka Daimyo, Daikanyama TSUTAYA and books bunny.

Credit: RISOGRAPH, 32P, 140mm x 200mm Printed by Before Break First ( London ) 

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