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Printed Matter Inc Art book store in New York

A bookstore representing the art culture of New York where has 45,000 kinds of artist books.

Feb 7th, 20

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Chelsea is New York's most artistic place. Printed Matter, Inc is Located on 21-22 Street along 10th Ave that is between the gallery district where many famous galleries such as Gagosian, Pace Gallery and David Zwizer, and the Hudson Yard where cutting-edge commercial facilities. PrintedMatter is a collection of artist's books, magazines, posters, prints, audio works, and other publication and goods only available here. This is the perfect place for those who love design and art.

The first thing that surprises you when you enter the store is the number of books. It is more impression that the books display is tightly than beautiful. What is particularly eye-catching is the assortment of art ZINE.Art Zine is Magazine that produced and published by individual artists. it is widely known in the art field becaouse of produced by professional skater and artist Mark Gonzales. And with the spread of digital printing, which can print small quantities, many artists are creating unique Zines. Since PrintedMatter is a non-profit organization, there are donations and support systems, and most of the selected books are based on the art ZINE brought by the artist himself. There are many handmade rare books, unusual designs, bindings, and many other ideas, just because the artists themselves are producing freely.

The interior of the store is composed of two floors with stairwells, is completely barrier-free with two elevators, and has an office at the behind of the 2nd floor.

Collaboration ZINE with popular artists such as Tom Sachs is also sold

Tom Sachs is an American artist who works in a borderless between fashion and contemporary art. And the collaboration with nike the other day is one of the most popular activitiy. In Japan, exhibitions have been held at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery and Tomio Koyama Gallery, and goods are sold out immediately. PrintedMatter deals with many Tom Sachs products, such as his collaboration ZINE and T-shirts, as well as works of famous artists like him.

PrintedMatter regularly organizes programs, events and exhibitions, as well as unique publications. At PrintedMatter, such installations, talk shows, and performances are held daily, with hundreds of new titles coming to the main publications every month. PrintedMatter is a culture of the New York art scene.

Information: Name: Printed Matter, Inc. Address: 231 11th Avenue  New York, NY 10001 Open hours:

  • Mon–Wed: 11am–7pm

  • Thu–Fri: 11am–8pm

  • Sat: 11am–7pm

  • Sun: 12pm–6pm

Tel: (212) 925-0325

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