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Al though amid coronavirus pandemic, You can eat delicious bread even when you stay at home

Stock (Tenjin) in Hareno Garden, where you can enjoy the famous bread Pain Stock Hakozaki and authentic coffee Coffee County.

May 8th, 20

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  • Fukuoka

As infections with the coronavirus pandemic continue to spread, local governments in various regions are calling for voluntary refraining from going out. The period is extended and it is necessary to change the way of life at home. Sometimes we want to eat delicious bread. Under such circumstances, some bakeries plan to deliver delicious bread to our homes to make everyone feel better. The name is #deliverbread. There are a lot of bakeries in Japan, and in Fukuoka, pain stock who is one of the most popular bakery also do this attempt, which we introduced at Holt Coffee. Introducing such bread as a way to enjoy Stay Home.

How to apply (for Pain Stock Fukuoka)

The application method differs depending on the bakery, but here we will introduce the case of bread stock. In the case of Pain Stock, the official Instagram @pain_stock will notify you of the application date and time, and at the specified date and time, a dedicated address for application will be disclosed. The application will be completed by sending the specified information to that address. Since the number is limited, it will be a lottery and the results will be notified at a later date. The contents of the bread to be delivered will be decided in advance, regular: Pain stock regular set ¥ 3,000-(Bread, baguette, Levin etc.) and Pain stock homemade Mentai French set ¥ 3,000-(Bread, baguette , Levan etc., and other types such as Mentai paste) are available. If you would like to use the content posted on Instagram @pain_stock, please check it.

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