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The art soft cat toy by David Shrigley featured in Casa brutus No 235 "Cat and House"

Featured: Casa brutus No235 "Cat and House"

David Shrigley's soft toy “Cat Toy Yellow” sold at Howlt.com and Howlt Coffee was featured in the special issue “Cat and House” by Casa brutus No235.

Nov 21st, 19

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David Shrigley is famous for black humorous words and graphics. In Japan, he held a solo exhibition at the Mito Contemporary Art Musium in 2018, selling T-shirts and goods, and has gained popularity in the art and fashion fields. The product featured in Car brutus No235 this time is a cat soft toy made to commemorate the 10-year collaboration between Melbourne Art Shop Third Drawer Down and Shrigley. This soft toy is based on his cat sculpture, and his words “RIGHTS FOR THE SOFT TOY” are applied. Available at Howlt.com and Howlt Coffee.

Materials + care instructions -DigiMaterials + care instructions -Printed Polyester Size -17.5cm x 30cm x 6cm

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