Our Coffee

Howlt Coffee uses two kind of beans Brazilian and Colombia. Brazilian beans taste like chocolate nuts, and Colombia beans feature a subtle acidity and rich taste. These two beans are blended and roasted at the raw bean stage in order to bring out the characteristics of each and bring out a sense of unity in taste. Mr. Takahiro Ando, ​​owner of Connect Coffee, is in charge of roasting. Using a direct-fire roasting machine, the original taste of Howlt Coffee was expressed while adjusting the balance between the richness and sweetness of the taste body and the sourness of the accent. The first teste is a deep sweetness like better chocolate or cacao, and then you can enjoy the change in taste that feels over time with a fruity acidity as you cool down. We use beans that have been aged for several days after roasting, carefully ovserving the state of the delicately changing beans, and offering them with a cup of coffee that customers can feel delicious. We will deliver a valuable coffee to everyone who wants to have a coffee every day at the beginning of work or when they want to take a break.