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Graphic of collaboration campaign between Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi and Motohiro Hata

Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi's 1st anniversary birthday party and Christmas campaign in collaboration with Motohiro Hata

Feb 7th, 20

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MARK IS Fukuoka-momochi, a large commercial facility in Fukuoka located near the Seaside Momochi Kaihin Park and the Fukuoka Dome, opened in November 2018. The main visual of the campaign for the MARK IS Fukuoka momochi was designed by Howlt Coffee's designer Haruki Higashi. This campaign was also conducted as a collaboration campaign with Motohiro Hata, a Japanese populer singer-songwriter who also debuted in November. In the Birthday Party Campaign, the MARK IS would be as a gift box and the town is crowded with presents from the MARK IS , and In the Christmas, the color is the colaboration color Raspberry and the MARK IS gift box made by the Birthday Party Campaign opened. These are a series of works for two campaigns.

Birthday Party

November 2019

The first was a November birthday party campaign. Motohiro Hata sings on the Mark Is building as a gift box. Objects and vehicles floating in the air are all drawn in like a gift boxes, and the whole city has a world view as if it were a birthday party. Key visuals are also used for interior decoration. The same crackers as the illustrations were installed on the large staircase in the center of the store to enhance the birthday party.

Xmas Party

December 2019

A Christmas campaign held in December following the birthday party campaign. A Mark Is building which is drawed as a gift box in the birthday party campaign opened, and then depicting a Christmas party taking place inside. Motohiro Hata appeared as Santa Claus this time. The scenery at night has a Christmas-like view. As in November, key visuals were used for the interior decorations. On the large staircase in the center of the store, the crackers placed in November were inverted and looked like Christmas trees. MARK IS Fukuoka Momochi's delightful Christmas, such as holding a Christmas illumination with a gift box as a motif, "The Sea of ​​Light".

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Graphic of collaboration campaign between Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi and Motohiro Hata


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